Wood Cutouts is a family owned business located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Blue Ridge GA. All items are hand crafted using a CNC router and we source the finest wood and lumber available.

We specialize in wood cutouts for the craft industry, as well as DIY projects and life size shadow art and wood silhouettes.  Our products are perfect for schools, groups, churches, craft stores and more. Get creative with our wood products that are sanded and ready to paint or decorate.  Word signs are also available, such as “grateful”, “blessed”, “love” and many more!

We have a unique mix and match program where you may mix and match different wood cutouts of the same size for quantity discounts. For example, you may purchase 15, 3" items for the low price of $0.35 per item AND you may purchase 15 different items or sets of the same item, it's your call! 

We believe in great customer service and our staff strives to make every order an easy and pleasant transaction.  The craft industry is ever changing and we are excited to be a part of it.